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Be Inventive   To Build a Success Business photoWhat is the easiest way a campaign to kill before it even begins? Don’t take it too seriously deep. Advertising is not sort of rocket science. We don’t need a degree in science to create a concept or message. And we must certainly never ever be in any case, the death of an ad, because it is literally insufficient. If it is our ads to the letter, conversely we must destroy all and start over.

Is Volkswagen a kind of defective garbage? No, but an ad titled “Lemon” is our attention, isn’t it? It’s just like the story to explain how the car appears in the ad ever mounted against weeds VW is aware of the concerns of lemons, so we ever read a bad car. Think about what we’ve missed an opportunity when the people of Volkswagen considered the title was too literal. Think about it from this angle. Why do some people use to read, we see an ad or commercial? Most do so because they find it fun and informative. If our ads are not all that information and entertainment, we are surely in lost of budget.

This does not mean that an ad for the sole purpose of entertainment. Here a large screen at once entertaining and informative. The entertainment value is derived from a characteristic of our product or brand. In other words, what to sell the star shows up. It sounds simple, but it is often difficult to find the right balance. It is good advertising.

How much information the public really need? What’s the story with a fine? These are questions that need to be encouraged, and early and when at last the answer to an advertisement or campaign, we can send to the judges’ work under these guidelines. A good campaign will focus our audience and speak to them personally. This has a positive impact on sales and reputation. An advertising campaign is not. This will be a buzz of our target audience.

“Apple Computer 1984″ ran only once. But it remains one of the most talked about trade, because major new exhibition of broadcasting and writing in all major newspapers, weeks and months. And none of these costs Apple to buy anything other than a television. it is essential to know that Super Bowl Commercial Apple helped the company a household name and created a huge demand for the new Macintosh computer has never been proven, the product announcement or to submit the details.

BMW Mini Cooper has been one of the first cars in the United States without TV advertising introduced. Blasphemy! In contrast, Minis blocked in the roofs of SUVs and forced around large cities. They created the billboards in language play, print and interactive large guerrilla actions. Above all have a waiting list of customers who could not wait for the mini.

Companies see great extension; it is a self-fulfilling cycle. If we want a local establishment to believe that the opportunity to develop in regional, national or even international, our campaign should reflect our business address, even if they are not there yet.

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