The Marketing Concept of Pixel Ads

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The Marketing Concept of Pixel Ads photoI believe that most of you have heard about the Million Dollar Homepage and it’s success story. The web site owner Alex Tew earned a million US dollar in a dramatically short time and brought public attention all over the world by selling pixels on his web site. However, it seems that the pixel craze didn’t last long as the copycats of the pixel advertising idea were mostly not doing well, especially the later ones who sometimes ended their site without a pixel sold.

When talking about marketing strategies, the pixel advertising should be in the short-term category since curiousness of people don’t last long on a narrow topic. Alex Tew was smart to have noticed this point and that’s why he limited the number pixels to a million. This is not to ignore the huge demand out there but to generate an even higher traffic while pixels are limited in supply.

The Million Dollar Homepage generated a huge traffic mainly because of the mass media, no matter the international ones or local ones, which are thirsty to find some amazing or crazy ideas that really work. People are always curious about news related to earning easy-money or becoming a millionaire while everyone is working hard in the society for money. In another word, this news makes people think out of the usual way. In fact, Tew’s whole idea including the web site’s domain name just hit the target. When people view the ads, the ads have their value.

Although pixel advertising is probably out-of-date, there are still some innovative marketing strategies of the Million Dollar Homepage that web designers worth a reference.

Since every page in the web site is about the advertising business itself, all visitors of the web site have a common intention – to try those extremely tiny pixel links and see what is it all about. In result, the ads owners receive a large amount of quality traffic, which other types web-based ads seldom have.

Another point to note is about the price of a product. A higher price set for your product is not a scary monster that drives your customers away if it is used in a suitable manner. Just take a look of the Million Dollar Homepage if you haven’t and you will understand how small is a hundred pixels. It’s just enough to put a character of a novel in it. However, in fact, the values of the ads are beyond what you can actually see when the value of the ads themselves creates a high commercial status for the pixel owners. This is one of the successful usages of money itself in generating transactions in recent days.

Effective Classifieds Advertising Tips

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Effective Classifieds Advertising Tips photoClassified advertising is a relatively inexpensive way to promote your product or service, so it’s a great option to consider for small businesses. However, if you’re not careful, you can waste a lot of time and money on ineffective classified ads.

There are several factors to keep in mind when writing classified ads. If you keep these factors in mind, you can run an effective classifieds campaign.

1 – What are you selling?
Before you decide to run classified ads, you should determine if your product is well suited to classified advertising. In other words, are the people reading the classified ads likely to be looking for your product? For example, if you sell used cars, classified ads might be a great way for you to go, because people do read classified ads when they are looking for a car. On the other hand, you probably won’t sell many Ferrari’s with classifieds.

2 – Where are you running your ad?
How many people will read your ad? Who are these people? Are they young or old? Rich or poor? Are they likely to be interested in your product or service.

3 – Writing Your Ad
When you write your ad, remember what you are trying to do:

A. Catch the reader’s attention, so they will read your ad (that is the job of your headline)
B. Convince the reader that you have something they might be interested in (that is the job of your ad body)

Get the reader to contact you or otherwise respond to your ad (you should have an clear idea of what you want the reader to do – call you, visit your website, etc.)

5 – Test, test, test
Once you start a classified advertising campaign, you should rigorously test your ads and methods to perfect them. This is one of the most important parts of any advertising project – removing what doesn’t work, and improving what does work.